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Now more than ever, the world of transport is showing that waterless car wash products are not exclusive to cars alone. You can clean, polish, wax, seal, shine and protect with Rejuvenate 15 Minute Wash and Wax, any hard non-porous surface including:

  • Airplanes, Aircraft & Aviation
  • Trucks
  • RV’s
  • Boats & Watercraft
  • Motorcycles
  • Bikes
  • Jet Skis
  • Mobile Homes
  • Commercial Fleets
  • Trailer
  • Cars and More!

Rejuvenate waterless wash and wax is versatile and environmentally friendly. It contains no Kerosene or Abrasive agents. Clean, shine and protect all types of surfaces like plastic, rubber, vinyl, paints, clear coats, chrome and fiberglass as well. The waterless car wash is no longer limited to auto detailing alone.

Rejuvenate Auto Waterless Car Wash

Rejuvenate Auto waterless car wash is a 15 MINUTE technologically advanced wash & wax renewer. It is designed to encapsulate dirt and grime and transfer it to the microfiber cloth to leave behind a long lasting and brilliant shine. Rejuvenate Auto conserves water without scratching!

The three main components: surfactants, penetrants and Carnauba wax work synergistically to clean, and shine your vehicle without scratching, leaving a layer of protection from acid rain, water marks, bird droppings and oxidation while it also fills in swirl marks and minor scratches.

No wonder it is the #1 waterless car wash preferred by exotic car enthusiasts and car museums and endorsed by the National Corvette Owners Association!

  • Cleans without water
  • Fills in minor scratches & swirl marks
  • Shines & protects
  • Will NOT scratch paint
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